Transliterating Interviews


It is a question I have often discussed with my colleagues – and I’ve read a lot about it on the internet: How do you transliterate interviews fast and without a lot of effort and time?

Some time ago I already discussed this issue in my blog (only in german). On the one hand I talked about using a programme forĀ  transliterating – like “Listen ‘n Write”, what makes writing a lot (!) faster. But in the end you still have to write down everything your own. On the other hand I used youtube. Right, the “automatic subtitle” trick. Again, not with too much success, because there were a lot of failures in the text.

On the internet there are a lot of questions if you can’t just use a software like Dragon Dictate for automatic transliteration. Well, you can’t exactly, because the software has get used to your voice. But this you can use to your advantage, because now I just dictate all my interviews to the computer: I listen to it with a reduced speed and simultaniously repeat everything I heard. So in the end it still needs some time, but with this technique you can transliterate almost in real time. And you get rid of the typing.

If you have a better and faster idea, please let me know.

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