Camera for underwater enthusiastic reporters





Sorry for the little add-break now – that is not sponsored by Nikon nor Amazon – but since I have been looking for a small, cheap but still good UW-camera to combine my beloved hobbies scuba diving and photography I would like to share my experiences with the Nikon AW 130.

You can find some online tests for this camera, that are “okay” – for example German website Chip critizes missing sharpness of Details, visible noise etc. Nevertheless I am very happy with the camera, because the main points are:

  • You don’t need an external case (You can go down to 30 Meters though I took it down to 38m and didn’t have any troubles)
  • The battery lasts really long for multiple dives and days
  • It is very small and you can easily attach it to your BCD with a carabiner or just put it in your pockets

AND – for me one of the most important aspects – you can send pictures to your smartphone or computer, using the integrated Wifi and the Nikon App. So it is really simple to edit pictures with ony of my favourite apps Snapseed.

I heard it might be harder to use the camera when you are wearing gloves, but since I don’t put them on I can’t comment on this.

So I hope you like the pictures.


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